Agricultural Loans

At State Bank we make agricultural loans a priority. The loan officers here know agricultural lending because most of them grew up on farms. We pride ourselves in having the ability to analyze your unique situation and provide tailor made financial solutions.

Operating & Feeder Livestock

State Bank provides short-term loans for crop input and feeder livestock purchases. The primary product State Bank uses for operating & crop input purchases is a revolving, variable balance, line of credit.  This product provides flexibility allowing you to more efficiently manage your credit needs. You can borrow the exact amount you need, when you need it.

Equipment & Breeding Stock

State Bank provides intermediate-term loans for the purchase of new & used equipment as well as breeding livestock. Loan terms & repayment schedules are flexible and structured to match the loan purpose and income cycle of the borrower. 

AG Real Estate

Funds for the purchase of facilities and improvements of Ag real estate.